Miscellaneous Non-Licensed | Apollo High School


Hours may vary based on program needs
Building Principals

  • Associate of Arts (A.A.) Degree or higher
  • Knowledge of behavioral management and techniques used with special needs populations
  • Experience working with students with social, emotional and/or behavioral needs 


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Education, Psychology , or related field
  • Knowledge of positive intervention supports, behavior management, crisis response, de-escalation, and physical restraint
  • Two years’ experience working with children in an organized setting
  • One year experience observing and collecting student behavioral charting data 


  • Training in emergency procedures, confidentiality, vulnerability, reporting obligations, discipline policies, roles and responsibilities, and a building orientation must be completed during probationary period (first 60 days of employment)
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) certification must be completed during probationary period  (first 60 days of employment) and renewed every two years 

Under the direction of licensed staff, the Behavior Support Specialist serves in a modified teaching capacity to provide intervention for students with social and behavioral concerns.  Primary duties include implementing behavior interventions, working in partnership with the teacher to provide behavioral support in the classroom setting, and behavioral data collection.

$16.48/hr-$20.93/hr (dependent on qualifications and experience)
Online application,; attach documentation supporting required degree


  • Assist in the implementation of behavior interventions, de-escalation, and crisis intervention
  • Consistently support and employ classroom management, individual management, school rules, and crisis management systems
  • Monitor, observe, and report behavior of students according to approved procedures; report progress regarding student performance and behavior; collect/document data for the purpose of ongoing behavior intervention planning and review
  • Monitor and assist students in prescribed learning activities
  • Assist students by modeling appropriate skills and behaviors; exhibit a friendly attitude and  provide emotional support and general guidance; assist in maintaining an emotional climate that fosters a sense of belonging and connection to school
  • Confer with classroom teachers, as needed, regarding interventions to meet student needs
  • Assist in the implementation of prescriptive accommodations and/or modifications as directed
  • Assure the health and safety of students by following health and safety practices and regulations
  • Assist students in learning self-management, self-monitoring, and self-control skills
  • Communicate with education teams regarding information pertaining to students’ progress, both orally and in writing
  • Direct group activities of students as assigned
  • Perform proactive, effective discipline with meaningful consequences
  • Monitor students in academic and unstructured non-academic opportunities
  • Exhibit emotional control, patience and persistence in extremely stressful situations
  • Teach and model socially acceptable replacement behaviors by redirecting student behaviors in positive and pro-social ways
  • Participate in prescribed in-service training
  • Other duties as assigned 


  • Frequent:  walking, standing, bending, sitting, hearing, talking, and seeing
  • Occasional:  lifting, physical restraints 

All Employees of Saint Cloud School District 742 are responsible to support District goals, to work collaboratively and respectfully with diverse populations of staff, students and parents and to model and promote a welcoming working and learning environment.  Employees are expected to support and adapt to change and to demonstrate commitment to continuous performance improvement.  Employees are responsible to establish and maintain effective communication with students, teachers, support staff, colleagues and parents, respect confidential matters, encourage a safe and secure environment throughout the District, and to be dependable and accountable in the performance of their work.
It is the prerogative of the District to assign staff so as to best meet the needs of the District.