High School Teaching | Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists | Available: Varied | Closing: Rolling Application


The Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists (SPCPA) is accepting applications for part-time arts faculty (.01 FTE-.30 FTE) in all programs – theatre, musical theatre, dance, instrumental music, vocal arts, visual arts and creative writing.

Our mission is to provide the highest caliber of academic and artistic education for aspiring pre-professional performing artists in the areas of instrumental and vocal music, theatre and dance, and to fully prepare students for college and conservatory. The overall goal is to provide authentic training in dance, theatre and music utilizing the conservatory model.  To accomplish this, three hours each day are devoted to conservatory style training, all arts teachers are professional performing artists and professional training and performance spaces are used to the extent possible.  

SPCPA is a unique school where all arts instructors are working professional artists teaching part time.
Note: Professional performing experience is required.

Please complete the following application and include:

  • Letter of interest
  • Professional resume
  • Teaching resume (if applicable)

This opportunity is posted year-round.  As our arts faculty is comprised of working professional artists who may need to leave the school due to their performance career, available positions fluctuate on a varied basis. Therefore, we encourage you submit an application at your earliest availability to be considered for employment should the need arise to replace a teacher-artist.

Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

About SPCPA:

Imagine a high school unlike any other ….
Pre-professional performing arts training completely guided by current working professional artists
Demanding college preparatory academic coursework taught by traditionally licensed instructors
Available for free to all who have a passion for the performing arts


* Students choose to come to SPCPA from over 125 different zip codes
* There is no audition, students are leveled by technical ability in arts classes
* The academic program offers honors and on-level classes, College in the Schools, and AP
* Extracurricular activities are limited
* Students who attend SPCPA are treated as if they ALL will eventually become professional actors, dancers, singers, and musicians AND attend college or conservatory.

SPCPA’s VISION is to deliver a high-end, high-bar, conservatory-style/college-prep program to students across the vastest imaginable range of skill levels and backgrounds. Therefore, we entrust our academic faculty to understand our unique student population and encourage wholehearted support of our school’s values.

What do we believe? Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists values…
– preparing students for college and trains them as future practitioners of the arts.
– stimulating and sustaining interest in arts and academics as a source of truth and insight into the human condition.
– constructing a creative environment where risks may be safely taken and where creators take responsibility for our vision.
– encouraging students to use their physical, sensory, and intellectual potential to explore ideas and raise questions.
– honoring individual discovery within a collaborative spirit.