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Reports to:
Community Education Director

Minnesota Teaching License

Position Summary: 
Teaches academic skills to adults seeking to attain an General Equivalency Diploma (GED), instruct participants in Adult Basic Education (ABE), and provides a climate conducive to learning and assists adults to acquire information and skills that will contribute to their development as successful adults.

Collaborative Working Environment: 
This position works in partnership and onsite with Mille Lacs County Jail (MLCJ).

Hours of Service:
26 hours per week divided between hours at MLCJ, Milaca Public Schools site and prep.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Work collaboratively with both MLCJ and Milaca Public Schools staff to provide educational opportunities to participants at each site.
  2. Assess learning needs of participants.
  3. Facilitates self-directed learning that as much as possible meets the needs, interests, goals, and abilities of each learner.
  4. Establish with the student individual goals and objectives relative to each learning plan.
  5. Accurately record student learning data, contact hours, assessment scores, and other participation data and input into the SiD (Student Information Database) system for both independent and consortium use.
  6. Strives to maintain and upgrade professional competence through attendance at relevant meetings, workshops and other personal pursuits. Ex. August training.
  7. Adopts new strategies when needed and is capable of change.
  8. Maintains accurate records to demonstrate and assess learner progress.
  9. Employs a variety of instructional techniques and learning styles.
  10. Develops a classroom atmosphere regardless of location that is respectful of diversity: culture, gender, age, ability level, and economic levels.
  11. Monitor learner needs and refers participants to specific agencies for assistance as needed or required.
  12. Assists the Community Education Director in implementing policies as they affect the Adult Education Program.
  13. Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect learners, facilities, equipment and materials.
  14. Is responsible for outreach to various organizations and agencies.
  15. Knowledgeable about community agencies and resources that can meet the needs of learners.
  16. Is responsible for making recommendations to the Director of Community Education for the overall coordination of Adult Basic Education.
  17. Complies with District 912 rules and regulations.
  18. Will perform other duties as assigned by the Director relating to Adult Basic Education – examples included are presentation to advisory council and school board, telephone intake, fundraising.

Apply online or by sending application materials including letter of interest, resume, copy of license, three references and Milaca Public Schools District Application to:
Director of Community Education
Robert Sumner
500 Hwy 23 West
Milaca, MN 56353