High School Teaching | Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists | Available: Varied | Closing: Rolling Application


The Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists (SPCPA) is accepting applications for full-time and part-time academic faculty in Secondary (9-12) subject areas of Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Life Sciences, Spanish and American Sign Language

This employment opportunity is posted in anticipation of serving our student population, therefore the opportunity to submit an application will be open year-round.  We encourage applicants to submit their application prior to August 1, 2023 for consideration to join our 2023-24 school year staff.

Imagine a high school unlike any other ….

  • Pre-professional performing arts training completely guided by current working professional artists
  • Demanding college preparatory academic coursework taught by traditionally licensed instructors
  • Available for free to all who have a passion for the performing arts

* Students choose to come to SPCPA from over 125 different zip codes
* There is no audition, students are leveled by technical ability in arts classes
* The academic program offers honors and on-level classes, College in the Schools, and AP
* Extracurricular activities are limited
* Students who attend SPCPA are treated as if they ALL will eventually become professional actors, dancers, singers, and musicians AND attend college or conservatory.

SPCPA’s VISION is to deliver a high-end, high-bar, conservatory-style/college-prep program to students across the vastest imaginable range of skill levels and backgrounds. Therefore, we entrust our academic faculty to understand our unique student population and encourage wholehearted support of our school’s values.
Our Values in Academic Instruction:

  • Educates and prepares all students for entrance into college or university
  • Stimulates and sustains interest in the academic and intellectual world as a source of truth and insight into the human condition
  • Constructs an environment that encourages inquiry and intellectual curiosity
  • Encourages students to raise questions and develop a pattern of lifelong learning
  • Promotes individual academic discovery with a collaborative spirit

Position Responsibilities

  • Teach the approved curriculum of the school and appropriate content standards of the State of Minnesota.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by supervisor.

Position Qualifications

  • Must hold or be eligible to obtain a valid State of Minnesota teaching license in field of teaching
  • Abilities and skills to relate to students and be sensitive to their needs
  • Provide a positive behavioral atmosphere for students
  • Able to work cooperatively with individuals and teams
  • Willingness to use technology as part of curriculum
  • Excellent communication skills with students, parents, and staff

Position Compensation

  • Competitive Salary and Benefits

How to Apply

  • No phone calls, please
  • Please apply via the red “Apply” button in the top right corner of the Applitrack job posting page

Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists is an Equal Opportunity Employer.