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POSITION STARTS:  March 20, 2023

JOB GOAL: To instruct athletes in the fundamental skills, strategy and physical training necessary for them to realize a degree of individual and team success. At the same time, the coach must instruct and demonstrate behaviors that lead to socially acceptable character development, self-discipline, self-confidence, and pride of accomplishment in the student athletes. To upgrade his/her knowledge and skills through coaching clinics, observations, consultation, etc. 

1. Has the ability to assistant the coach in organizing and supervising a total sports program. 
 2. Has previous successful coaching experience in assigned sport. (Major sports) 
3. The coach must have substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport and, at the same time, must continue to examine new theories and procedures pertinent to the field. 
4. The coach must serve as an appropriate role model for student athletes through his/her instructions and actions. 

REPORTS TO: The Head Coach and Activities Director, who provides overall objectives and final evaluation in conjunction with the high school principal.

SUPERVISES: In several instances, the coach may help advise, coordinate and support other high school coaches and middle school coaches in conjunction with the Activities Director and respective principal.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  Please use the Sartell-St. Stephen School District online application process at

PAY:  Sartell-St. Stephen Schools District offers highly competitive coaching and activities wages per the SEA Certified Contract. You can find this agreement at: