Effective Date: September 1, 2019

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The information on this page is meant to inform Job Seekers about the legal requirements public entities such as school districts and charter schools in Minnesota must follow.

MNSchoolJobs.org is not a public entity.  MNSchoolJobs.org is not responsible for reviewing, screening, or hiring candidates for any employer on the Site.  MNSchoolJobs.org only connects candidates with potential employers.

All public schools must follow the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, which has two sections that affect applicants seeking employment.

First, there is a “Rights of Subjects of Data” (MN Statute 13.04) describing your rights as an applicant for any employment opportunity. The employer must advise you of:

  • The purpose and intended use of the data
  • Whether you may refuse or are legally required to supply the requested data
  • Any known consequence arising from your providing or refusing to supply the data
  • The identity of other persons or organizations authorized by State or Federal Law to receive the information you provide.

Second, “Personal Data” (MN Statute 13.43) defines the information that is automatically public for all applicants for employment. It includes things like: 

  • Veteran’s status
  • Job history
  • Education and training
  • Relevant test scores
  • Rank on our eligibility list
  • Work availability

As an applicant, your name is considered private until you are considered a finalist and selected for an interview.

If a public school hires you, additional data about you will become public. Public schools in Minnesota must reply to all reasonable requests for the following information:

  • Name
  • Employee identification number (must not be Social Security number)
  • Actual gross salary
  • Salary range
  • Terms and conditions of the employment relationship
  • Contract fees
  • Actual gross pension
  • Value and nature of employer-paid benefits
  • The basis for and the amount of any added compensation (including expense reimbursement) in addition to salary
  • Job title and bargaining unit
  • Job description
  • Education and training background
  • Previous work experience
  • Date of first and last day of employment
  • Existence and status of any complaints or charges against an employee (regardless of whether the complaint of charge resulted in disciplinary action)
  • Final disposition of any disciplinary action against an employee, together with the specific reasons for the action and any data documenting the basis for the action (excluding data that would identify city employees who were confidential sources)
  • Terms of any settlement agreement (including buyout agreements)
  • Work location and work telephone number
  • Badge number
  • Work-related continuing education
  • Honors and awards received
  • Payroll time sheets or other comparable data that are only used to account for an employee’s work time for payroll purposes (excluding any timesheet data that would reveal the employee’s reason for the use of sick or other medical leave or any other non-public data.)

Others with access to your private data after you’re hired

If a public school in Minnesota hires you, the following persons or organizations are authorized by State and Federal Law to receive this data if they so request in certain circumstances:

  • The Bureau of Census
  • Federal, state, and county auditors
  • The State Department of Public Welfare
  • The Department of Human Rights
  • Federal officials that are investigating compliance with Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunities
  • Labor organizations and the Bureau of Mediation Services
  • Data may also be made available through court order