Licensed - Speech Clinician / Pathologist | Speech Clinician / Pathologist | Sorteberg Early Childhood Center | Closing: 05/01/2024


Speech Language Pathologist
Full Time

Duties:  Provide instruction and support to students with speech and/or language disabilities or related needs.

Minimum Qualifications:  Requires Speech Clinician/Pathologist License.    
(Anoka-Hennepin will make every effort to hire teachers with full standard licenses in the assigned subject and grade level.)

Start Date:  ASAP.  This position was previously posted and may be filled immediately by an appropriately licensed candidate (PELSB Tier 3 or Tier 4 license); or by a candidate eligible for PELSB Tier 2 license (candidate must be enrolled in a teacher prep-program or have a Master’s degree in the content area) after a 15-day posting period.

All Applicants must complete the Anoka-Hennepin Schools online application at