Middle School Education | Foreign Language | West Middle School


Spanish Teacher  – 1.0 FTE – For the remainder of 23-24 school year

Job Summary:
Teach Spanish to students, preferably at the secondary level. Knowledge and skills required will include expertise in Spanish language instruction, curriculum development and delivery, classroom management, student assessment, as well as excellent written and verbal communication. Flexibility, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving are necessary skills for success.

Instructional Planning and Implementation

  • Utilize curriculum to develop and implement standards-based lesson plans that include an understanding and modeling of independent thinking skills, creative problem solving, and evidence-based reasoning, differentiating and scaffolding as needed
  • Implement assessments that are aligned with daily, weekly, and unit objectives
  • Use Data to adjust short- and long-term plans in order to meet student learning needs/objectives

Learning and Development

  • Collaborate with colleagues and seek feedback in the spirit of continuous improvement and development
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and student achievement; reflect on instructional practices to meet individual professional development goals
  • Actively participate in professional development, grade level, and community meetings

School and Classroom Culture

  • Establish and maintain relationships with students and families based in trust and regular communication; collaborate and communicate with students and families about academic progress and behavior
  • Establish and maintain high expectations and routines for academic work and classroom behavior
  • Establish and reinforce expectations and accountability structures to maintain a positive, focused classroom

Additional Responsibilities

  • Maintain accurate records, grade book, and data tracking systems
  • Actively attend to supervision duties and contribute positively to a collaborative school environment
  • Perform other duties as required and assigned


  • Valid Minnesota teaching license in Spanish
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to build trust with colleagues, students, and families
  • Cultural awareness of self and others
  • Ability to understand, appreciate, and interact within various cultural contexts

Working Conditions:
Classroom, office, lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, standing, sitting, keyboarding, etc.

Application Procedure:
You must be a permanent employee of the district to use the internal application. Substitutes are not considered internal candidates and must complete the external application. Apply online at under Job ID 5821.

Selection Procedure:
Applications will be reviewed beginning immediately until the position is filled. Those selected for interviews will be contacted. Time frames may be adjusted to reflect District’s needs and time lines.