Teacher | School Psychologist | Hopkins High School


Provides special education services, including conducting evaluations, involvement in the school’s MTSS team, and direct special education services to address students’ IEP needs in social and emotional learning.
Also provides crisis intervention, including risk/threat assessment.  
This class specification lists the major duties and requirements of the job and is not all-inclusive.  Incumbent(s) may be expected to perform job-related duties other than those contained in this document and may be required to have specific job-related knowledge and skills.


  • Utilizes evidence-based best practices in all aspects of work, including pre-referral interventions, consultations, and evaluations.
  • Participates in the design, implementation, and evaluation of early intervention with students experiencing academic and behavioral difficulty, including FBA and PBSP development
  • Provides individual and group intervention services for students, including social-emotional learning 
  • Conduct school-based evaluations to determine eligibility for special education in collaboration with the school’s existing school psychologist
  • Collaborate with school social workers in delivering special education services and supports. 
  • Assists in the development and provision of crisis responses
  • Assesses individual students through direct and indirect methods.
  • Collaborates with peers to develop, plan, and implement best practices based on the students’ needs and abilities. 
  • Supports development and implementation of data collection and analysis systems to support database decision-making.
  • Adheres to due process requirements, state and federal laws regarding students with disabilities, and professional ethics and standards of school psychology. 
  • Supports building staff in developing good practices related to due process requirements.
  • Promotes and supports the District’s overall mission by demonstrating courteous and cooperative behavior when interacting with the public and staff; acts in a manner that promotes a harmonious and effective workplace environment. 

Required Knowledge and Skills
Required Knowledge:

  • District policies and procedures.
  • Principles, practices, and ethical standards of school psychology.
  • Laws, codes, and regulations related to assignments.
  • Disabilities and accommodations.
  • Computer applications related to the work.
  • Correct business English, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Required Skills:

  • Participating in IEP goal development and PBSP using FBA
  • Interpreting and applying state and Federal statutes, codes, rules, and regulations. 
  • Assessing and prioritizing multiple tasks, projects and demands.
  • Operating a personal computer using standard and specialized software.
  • Communicating effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Contributing effectively to the accomplishment of team or work unit goals, objectives and activities. 
  • Commitment to the District’s mission is to ensure high-quality, innovative, challenging education where all learners are valued and respected.
  • Performing assigned responsibilities consistent with the District’s established Core Values.
  • Advancing the District’s mission and values through careful attention to the key issues of Learning, Environment, and Resources.

Salary: Follows the HEA Contract.
FTE: 1.0