Support Staff | Special Education Paraprofessional | ISD 6076 Northland Learning Center


MN 3525.0210 Subp.33 “Paraprofessional” means a district employee who is primarily engaged in direct
interaction with one or more pupils for instructional activities, physical or behavior management, or
other purposes under the direction of a regular education or special education teacher or related
services provider.

  1. Work under the supervision of teachers or other licensed/certified professionals who have responsibility for:
  1. Identifying learner needs
  2. Developing and implementing programs to meet learners needs
  3. Assessing learner performance, and
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of education programs and related services, and
  1. Assist with the delivery of instructional and other direct services as assigned and developed by certified/licensed professional practitioners
  2. Other duties as assigned


  1. Two year degree or higher, 60 credits towards a degree, or the passing of the Para Pro Assessment
  2. Basic child development educational background or knowledge preferred
  3. Good human relations skills
  4. Ability to maintain confidentiality with student matters
  5. Ability to communicate effectively with other teaching, administrative, and support staff individuals
  6. Willingness to work with and show respect for students with special needs
  7. Able to lift up to 50 pounds
  8. Able to follow a teacher’s plan and direction
  9. Able to work independently
  10. Able to handle difficult situations in a calm manner
  11. Must be willing to be trained in CPI, seizures, feedings, and other tasks related to the care of the child
  12. Must be computer literate and know how to read and answer email

                5.75 hours per school day, plus ½ hour unpaid lunch.
                Member of AFSCME contract. Non-exempt employee. Pay schedule and benefits follows this contract.