Athletics/Activities | St. James Northside Elementary School


Date of Availability: November/December 2023, Musical held in May 2024
Date Closing: Until Filled

Northside Musical Director (Grades 3-5)


  • Act as educational leader for students participating in extra-curricular theatre.

  • Identify and encourage students who may be able to use their talents and benefit from theatre activities.

  • Act as liaison between students, administration, and parents in theatre.

  • Set rehearsal and performance schedules for spring musical production working in cooperation with other school activities.

  • Coordinate communication/publicity for all related events.

  • Coordinate auditions for plays typically November/December

  • Help to maintain the performance facility including scenery, lighting, sound, props, and costumes.

  • Book Facilities needed for practices and performances. Contact Colleen Stenzel to solidify dates

  • Below items will be completed two weeks prior to the Musical Play auditions.

    • Using MTI Scripts from Kennedy Center Partnership

  • Facilitate budget protocol as required by business office – purchases, purchase orders, record-keeping, etc

Compensation: In accordance with Schedule C of the Teacher Master Agreement


If interested, please contact Liam Dawson,,507-375-3325