Paraprofessional | Lunchroom/Recess | Grey Cloud Elementary School | Available: 01/03/2024 | Closing: 12/11/23 or until filled



– Participation in Minnesota State retirement program.  Can contribute to 403(b) and may be eligible for district match based on union contract.
– Medical insurance benefits at 25 hours per week.  Participation in High Deductible plan includes contribution to a VEBA per union contract.
– Position follows school calendar with the option to work in other summer paraprofessional positions if interested.

Effective July 1, 2023 the base rate of pay is $20.38 per hour. This position is eligible for an additional $.50 per hour once Highly Qualified status is achieved (2 or 4 year degree, OR 60 semester credits OR successful completion of the Para Pro which is offered by the district once a month).  

Hours per day or per week: 3 hours per day

Position start and end time: 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Available for Application: 12/06/2023 – 12/11/2023 or until filled

Anticipated Start Date: 01/03/2024

Classification:  Supervisory

This position is responsible for large-group student supervision during the lunch and recess period at elementary school buildings.  Implementation of positive and consistent expectations will provide both emotional and physical safety to each individual child.

  1. Familiarize students with and enforce a set of appropriate and expected behavioral guidelines and consequences for lunchroom and recess period.
  2. Develop and maintain positive relationships with students to enhance their self-concept and a positive attitude toward learning.
  3. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with all kitchen, lunchroom, and building staff so that all employees and visitors experience a positive working atmosphere of mutual respect.
  4. Escort students to lunchroom, restrooms, lockers, and nurse’s office, as necessary.
  5. Provide on-site conflict resolution, referring incidents to building principal for attention.
  6. Wash lunchroom tables and provides general clean-up between lunch periods/groups and after the last lunch period of each day.
  7. Be prepared daily to supervise outside recess activities.
  8. Direct safe movement of groups of students to and from recess area, which may include walking through parking and bus loading areas.
  9. Encourage students to engage in appropriate recess activities, recommend activities as necessary.
  10. Ensure play equipment is used safely and notify building principal of any equipment in need of repair.
  11. Perform other cafeteria duties, as directed by building principal, when not supervising recess activities.
  12. Maintain a harmonious and all-inclusive atmosphere for students during the lunch and recess period.
  13. Provide other student and area supervision as directed by building principal.
  14. Understand and maintain boundaries and confidentiality with students, families, and staff.
  15. Maintain a high level of fairness, confidentiality, respect and equity for all students, staff and families.
  16. Other duties as assigned.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Competencies as required by State of Minnesota, Federal government, and/or District 833.
  3. Proven teamwork, confidentiality, and communication skills.
  4. Demonstrates a positive attitude and desire to work with children in the 5-12 year age group.
  5. Demonstrates ability to establish guidelines of behavior and to enforce the consequences in a consistent manner.
  6. Demonstrates ability to supervise large groups of children ranging in number up to 130.
  7. Actively participates in district-sponsored training when offered.
  8. Models appropriate behavior, neat appearance, and proper grammar usage for all students.  Helps provide a positive learning environment.
  9. Ability to perform routine computer functions, including email, Internet navigation and Microsoft Word.
  10. Ability to pass Paraprofessional fitness for duty tests.
  11. Ability to lift and carry 10 pounds.
  12. Prompt, regular and reliable attendance.
  13. Communicates with students, parents, co-workers, supervisors, and the community in a positive and responsive way that is consistently welcoming and enhances effective work relationships.
  14. Demonstrates an appreciation of diversity in all interactions and job functions.


  1. Trained in and experience utilizing behavioral management techniques.
  2. Current certification in first aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
  3. Demonstrates knowledge of behavior characteristics of elementary students.