District Wide Teaching | CNA/HHA Instructor | District Wide | Available: ASAP | Closing: 09/08/2024




Classes: Fall Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays  
                Spring Classes Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:45-6:45 PM  (16 classes, 1 Skill Review Sessions)

Clinicals:  Four weeknight sessions from 2:45 – 7:45pm


The Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) Instructor will instruct students according to the curriculum designed to assist

students to build knowledge and clinical skills aimed at passing the licensing exam for Minnesota CNA. The instructor must possess the ability to work with students from different socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. The Instructor will teach a minimum of 75 hours of classroom instruction including clinicals. 



1. Teach the course curriculum

2. Build knowledge and develop clinical skills aimed at assisting students to obtain the CNA license

3. Maintain accurate records on all students, including but not limited to attendance records, schedules and course

requirements regarding hours of instruction and content

4. Evaluate and document students’ progress through testing, observation, and assessment of skills attained

5. Communicate effectively with students, and all those affiliated with the course, including staff at clinical training

facilities, ISD 728 staff, and prospective employers

6. Provide a stimulating environment that encourages student participation, interpersonal skills development, and

concepts of good patient care



Candidates should be able to qualify as a CNA / HHA instructor by possessing all of the following:

• Currently licensed registered nurse in Minnesota

• At least 2 years of nursing experience in the United States (can include LPN experience)

• At least 1 year of license nursing experience in the provision of long-term care facility services in the United States

A licensed teacher with the Medical Careers License 300300 or willing to obtain one.



1. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations

2. Excellent organizational skills

3. Skilled in teaching young learners

4. Willingness to work on a flexible schedule to meet educational requirements

5. Possess strong interpersonal skills

6. Ability to work independently

Application Procedure:
Apply online