Support Staff | Special Education Assistant | Baxter Elementary | Available: 08/26/2024 | Closing: Until filled


The Special Education Paraprofessional will assist and carry out the goals, objectives and adaptations in the individual education plan of special needs students in various settings;  classrooms, physical education, lunchroom, bus loading area, cafeteria and common spaces.

Essential functions may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Carrying out the duties and responsibilities outlined in a student’s individual education plan.
  • Assist student(s) in individual and group settings whether in the resource room or inclusive educational setting.  This could include in the community or volunteer setting.
  • Provide specialized instruction/interventions/accommodations as outlined in the IEP.
  • Team with the classroom teacher and/or special education teacher to deliver classroom instruction.
  • Demonstrate and model appropriate developmental and behavioral skills through play or interaction with the child. 
  • Assist the individual student in self-help and independent living skills – this can include the following 1. Dressing and undressing, 2. Toileting – which may include changing diapers, training pants, cleaning the child and implementing toilet training techniques, 3. Supervise and assist with eating skills, this could include but is not limited to adapted feeding utensils or feeding tube, 4. Supervise and assist child with an assistive device, this could include but is not limited to, any prosthetic device, brace, wheelchair, communicative or assistive technology device.  5. Support students in Developmentally Adaptive Phy Ed activities and Special Olympics events and activities. 
  • Supervise student(s) during lunch, time out situations, recess, field trips, and emergency situations or in temporary absence of the teacher due to emergency or restrictive procedure situation.
  • Monitor classroom instruction for purpose of ensuring student progress and a safe learning environment.
  • Bus duty that could involve riding the bus and following through with prescribed bus programs, meeting the bus, and reporting about student’s bus behavior/needs to the case manager.
  • Participate physically with the students in activities being taught. 
  • Collaborate with Special Education Teachers, Classroom teachers and related service providers to ensure student safety and success.
  • Maintain confidentiality. 
  • Develop effective working relationships with students.
  • Support building and classroom discipline policy.
  • Maintain good communication skills and a cooperative working environment with other school staff.
  • Participate in assigned professional development.
  • Maintain knowledge of building procedures manual and school district policies.
  • Work cooperatively with the building administrator, accepting constructive feedback and direction.
  • Address disagreements with fellow employees constructively and respectfully.
  • Monitor student progress on assigned tasks.
  • Follow  school district policy in reporting suspected abuse/neglect.
  • All other duties as identified by the team in the IEP process for individual situations.
  • Other special education related duties as assigned by the proper administrative authority.


  • Meet highly-qualified requirements for paraprofessional (two-year associate degree, 60 college credits, para-pro or para e-link certification)
  • Experience working with students with physical, cognitive and/or mild behavioral needs.
  • Handle with Care Training – certification required within three months of being hired and maintained during employment.
  • Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills and be able to be a member of a team.
  • Ability to be flexible based on program and student needs. 
  • Ability to assist students in individual or group settings whether in the resource room or inclusive education setting as well as in the community as a job coach.
  • Ability to implement and follow through on specific therapies and programs for an individual as prescribed by the individual education plan.  This could involve lifting, transferring, positioning, assisting with daily living activities such as toileting, feeding, and restrictive procedures when necessary.
  • Ability to collect data on student progress as defined in the Individual Education Plan.
  • Ability to remain calm and patient in volatile situations and react and respond quickly in a variety of situations.
  • Ability to work under the supervision of a site principal and/or special education teacher.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at once while dealing with constant interruptions.
  • Ability to work with students, families, professionals, and staff of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Ability to interact with and maintain cooperative relationship with all levels of staff and the public.
  • Must possess the ability to maintain confidentiality and professionalism.

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