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Seeking adults to teach Adult Enrichment Classes who have talent, skills, experience and passion to share with our community. Adult Enrichment offers a wide variety of activities for participants to select and engage in. These activities focus on providing enrichment through education involving lecture/discussion, hands-on learning, and the opportunity to meet like-minded people who share common interests.



1. Each Adult Enrichment class is personally designed and taught by each instructor. Topics and goals for the class, including handouts or PowerPoint presentations, are reviewed by the Adult Enrichment Coordinator. When possible, this takes place as an in-person or Zoom-based conversation to discuss ideas. 


2. Collaborate and communicate with the Adult Enrichment Coordinator on any specific technology or classroom needs for the class. This should be confirmed by the time the class is officially considered a GO. (A GO status is based on meeting the minimum number of agreed-to registrations.)


3. Provide instruction using knowledge of the various learning styles and needs of participants. Our classes are typically designed for beginners with a flexibility to accommodate those with some experience or knowledge.


4. Prepare materials for class activities. All final handouts must be emailed to the Adult Enrichment Coordinator one week before the first session. Once the class is a GO, handouts will be emailed to the participants.


5. Collaborate and distribute class evaluations to participants and work with the Adult Enrichment Coordinator regarding opportunities to improve content and ensure positive outcomes.


6. Monitor engagement of participants and ensure a safe and positive environment for learning. 


7. Take attendance using the roster provided by Community Education.


8. Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials if required/requested from the program participants and/or the Adult Enrichment Coordinator. 


  1. Possess the desire and ability to share knowledge and experience with others in a clear way that is positive, comprehendible, and has the capacity to inspire continued learning on the topic. 

  2. Pass a background check

  3. Provide: examples, references and/or products which show skill, passion and capability to teach others 

  4. Arrive early for setup and be dependable to deliver class content as agreed upon. 

  5. Perform class content as agreed upon.

  6. Communicate with participants and the community in a positive and responsive way that is consistently welcoming and enhances positive outcomes. If any negative situation occurs prior to class, please bring that issue to the Community Education staff rather than share in class with the public.

  7. Demonstrate an appreciation of diversity in all interactions and job functions.

  8. Display good verbal, digital and written communication skills. 

  9. Communicate in a timely manner with the Adult Enrichment Coordinator if questions or requests for information arise. 


  1. Prior experience teaching content to learners 

  2. Experience working with students of varied capabilities and learning styles. This might include people who have English as their second language, people with developmental disabilities, people varying in age across generations, etc.